Hi Ho - Hi Ho - A poem from January 1986

Monday, August 9, 2010

So today - barring a BIG win on any of my Powerball tickets - I head back to work.

Two things I learned on vacation -

1)  Julie and Julia - I liked the movie better.
2) Sarah Strohmeyer needs to go away - FAR away.

Here is the VERY last of the colour poems in the month of Silly Sonnets.

fuzzy wuzzy
warm and cozy.
when I'm sunburnt
on my nose
sweaters, bubblegum, &
sunsets and lemonaid
life is always
what pink knows.

I had put arrows on this one changing the order to put "life is always" below "sunsets and lemonaid" vs. before "sweaters, bubblegum &" - but it still is just kind of off. 

Oh well.  Enjoy your day!


lisahgolden said...

Welcome back from vacation. This pink poem made me remember my own youth.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Cute poem!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I'll post pictures of my addition soon.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Jenni Chiu @MommyNaniBooboo said...

Makes me want to wear a side pony tail. :)

Trac~ said...

Thanks for stopping by to say hi yesterday! I hope you enjoyed your vacation and that your ocean was nicer than ours. Check out my pictures from today to see what we had to deal with - YUCK! Love the poem - too cute and silly - just perfect! Have a great day! ;o)

lori said...

very cute.

Marla said...

I loved that movie!

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