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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We are PARKED here - she rides in a booster seat!

My girl is usually not so keen on getting up, ahem.

However, I knew this morning I needed to get gas - and as gas prices went up a bit this week I wanted to use my accumulated coupons from Cub for their own Cub Fuel station.  I needed a bribe to get her up and out the door about 7am for my plan to work...

Last night:

"Boo Boo, do you want to go tomorrow morning EARLY with mommy to Cub before we go to J's house?  You can get a donut."

Now, a donut is the ULTIMATE treat in my child's eyes.  Especially the frosted, sprinkled, cinnamon swirled ones from Cub, but she said,

"ehhhhhhh, (whine) but I CAN'T get up EARLY mama, I don't WANT TO GET UP EARLY."
This of COURSE accompanied by stomping and wiggling.

"I will wake you and remind you we can get a donut."

"Okaaaay, if you help me."

This morning:

I go into her room and get her up and out of jammies for "nakkie time" and watching of - huh? 

Handy Manny?  Apparently Sponge Bob was not in order this morning...uh oh.
I am the shizz!
Boo Boo???
Apparently it meant nothing though because we got dressed, did not forget backpacks or notes or lunch, and we were out the door by 7:05am.  We went into Cub and got a donut, some mandarin oranges that looked yummy, a fresh loaf of bread and headed over to the Cub Fuel.

I sit there sorting out my coupons and pulling out my debit card...

"Mom!  Look a FOX!"
Are you joking?
"No LOOK over THERE!"
Huh, there she is - look at that...

We watched her walk along the fence between the parking lot and the highway and deftly climb up and over to the highway side and walk along some more before she disappeared in the brush.

"We gotta call DADDY and tell him we saw a FOX!"

And we told daycare too - and

J told me that a fox this summer SAT ON HER FRONT STOOP watching the kids eat breakfast...AND furthermore her old dog Blue used to PLAY with another fox all winter for TWO winters.  The fox would come to their back door and Blue and the Fox would both WHINE until she let Blue out to play.  For REALZ!

I mean I knew we had an Urban Fox neighborhood, but really? 

Oh and Boo Boo, good eyes baby!  I also pat myself on the back here for all the zoo visits and pointing out cool stuff on our drives and walks everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Im with boo boo early stinks, but dohnuts make it better:)

lisahgolden said...

I saw your tweet this morning. How cool. Fox sightings are just rare enough to give me a thrill.

And your story about your friend's dog reminds me of the movie Fox and Hound. Cute!

sprinkles said...

How cool, I've never seen one except for at the zoo. I wish you'd gotten a picture of it.

Loukia said...

Cool! :) Also, waking up early sucks...

Cori said...

How cool you saw a fox in the "wild" .... even if it was way to early in the morning...donut and all, that's early :)

MommyLisa said...

The sun was shining the lake gulls were cackling on the lamp posts above...it was not TOO early.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I am not a morning person at all so I get how it goes. I usually wake up and am all, "Cafffeeeeinnneeee!"

Michelle Pixie said...

We saw a pheasant walking down the sidewalk in our neighborhood yesterday. Very Cool!

The Suburban Princess said...

Ah, children's television. Sometimes it's more than I can bear. lol.

At least SpongeBob is kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

what a cutie she is!!! my little guy LOVES handy manny!! aahhh he can't get enough!! lol

Cathy said...

A donut might work to get me out of bed early....but it's doubtful.

I need to meet that child. She is too cute. I think we need to plan a play date with BooBoo and my niece this winter. Underwater world or sledding or something!

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