Boo Boo & Frosty The Snowman

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mommy?  When can we build a snowman? 
Ahhh, ask your Dad.
Daddy?  When can we build a snowman?
The snow isn't quite right to build one honey.  Maybe next snowfall.

As the heaps and mounds of snow began to melt...

Mommy!!  I didn't get to build any snowman!
Oh Boo Boo, I am sorry - maybe it will snow again.

I am sorry sweetie-pie.  We might still get a chance.

So, despite the fact the snow wasn't quite right for making a snowman
Daddy got Boo Boo outside on Wednesday night before dinner
And Frosty* was born.
Complete with sparkplug nose, Chistmas light eyes, and a Harley hat from Las Vegas!

Make a funny face for Mama Frosty!
*While Boo Boo is smart, funny, and very cute. The girl is not too creative with the names.
Her panda is Panda, her bears are Beary and Claire fogive us the Frosty. ;P


sprinkles said...

I guess I'm not always so creative with the names either. I mean, my red fish is named Red! lol

Yikes, that's a lot of snow for spring! We got some yesterday but it rained today and washed it all away.

Michelle said...

I love this girl more and more with every story.

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