Subject: Our own Wear Red Day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Mom sent this out:

Tomorrow, March 23, is Michelle’s Birthday. Let’s all wear something Red (Her Favorite Color) and let Aunt Penny know that we are thinking of her.

Aunt Irene said:

I still remember the day after a heavy snow when Michelle set off to work at St. John’s on cross country skis. Let’s be spunky like her?


Sounds great. I will put @IamBooBooLaLa in red too.

Cousin Franny:

Great idea! We could send Aunt Penny pictures.
My Brother:

...wearing about my only red item in my closet- a polo with a red stripe on the front.

Over twenty years ago I lost my cousin because her heart stopped*.  Today she would have turned forty-four just about exactly three months before me.  Our moms are close - and we spent much of our childhood together.  Even our first concert - Shawn Cassidy - was attended together.
She was spunky!
Damn could she be downright FUNNY!
She was RED!
She is loved more than you can wrap up in a silly blog post.

*Yes, my cousin was VERY young when she passed away.  She had a pacemaker and defibrillator inside her tiny body keeping her heart from going to fast or too slow.  She was put on the heart transplant list shortly before she left us to go to heaven. 


Michelle said...

What a great way to remember her Lisa!

Cheryl said...

How tragic. Absolutely tragic. But what an amazing way to remember her!

maren said...

What a nice way to honor the memory of your cousin. Thanks for stopping over at my blog! Can't wait for your blog par-tay! :)

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