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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I woke up just before 5am this morning...and I still didn't get to work until 9am.


Well first it was because I didn't want to open my laptop - I just lay in bed and dozed to old episodes of Full House.  I missed the end of the one where "Uncle" Joey decides he wants to be called Joe because Phyllis Diller crashed his HBO Special dreams...did he stay a comedian?

Then at 6 am just as Sponge Bob started -  I turned on the laptop and switched the channel to the morning news instead.  Yes, I watch news and blog surf - can't you multi-task?

Don't You Love Me??
I realize that now it is getting ridiculously close to 7am.  I get out of bed, make the bed, go to wake @IamBooBooLaLa and smell....

Yes, I am going to need that bath.  So I switch the channel back to Sponge Bob.


At 7:28 am @IamBooBooLaLa announces "I HUNGRY!" and since she has had a little cold I decide to comply with her breakfast request - even though she can get breakfast at daycare - oh "And mama, Dora is coming on and I don't like her." so we surf over to Sprout.

I gather my lunch items in the fridge while I get breakfast and Viola - its now 7:45am and we should be out the door.

I get dressed, dry my hair, get @IamBooBooLaLa into her velour track suit that should be a memory, but its like 45 degrees and POURING RAIN outside.  I throw on a little makeup so I don't scare anyone and we then head back downstairs to bundle up.

I am in the kitchen filling my lunch sack with my goodies when @IamBooBooLaLa walks in with the cardboard portion of the Tangled DVD and asks, "Where is the rest of this mama? I want to take it to J's house."

I comply and find the DVD, meaning I had to turn on the DVD player and fish it out, which turns on the television, then I have to turn them back off, and hand her the DVD.  Why?


We get on our rainboots - coats - etc. and head for the car.  It is COLD AND WET out there people I was not a happy girl.

Finally - Finally we make it to daycare.  And you know what?  Because I didn't rush her and complied with requests there were ZERO tears this morning.

I just didn't get to work until 9am.

I blamed it on the rain...


lisahgolden said...

Wow, you took me back to that morning rush. Yowza. Thankfully, most of us survive it.

We watched that Full House episode this morning, too. I'd forgotten that Phyllis Diller called her husband Fang. Love that.

Also, I got totally dissed by Sophie when I laughed at Uncle Jesse's hair. She reminded me that both MathMan and I had that mullet thing going on in the late 80s.

Meri said...

Well hey, no tears sounds like a victory to me! I'm surprised I was even able to get myself out of the house at all today- I get so depressed to leave when its windy/rainy. Ugh!

Cheeseboy said...

I remember that Full House episode! I think Joey works as a Bullwinkle impersonator now.

Milli Vanilli, on the other hand, I am fairly certain that they are still around.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Isn't this weather horrifying? I can't stand it anymore. I purposely didn't buy Wee 'Burb a lot of winter clothes in size 18 mos and now she's wearing tight sweaters to daycare.

I had to crack up, though, because the days where I let Wee 'Burb call the shots a little with timing are always the easiest. And also the latest :) But luckily her daycare is just across the street.

Anti-Supermom said...

Lisa, am I suppose to thank you that I'm now attempting to go to bed with *that* song running through my head?

'... yeah,yeah'

You suck ;)

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Gosh I love that song. I am one of the few people who refused to turn it in when they were discovered. I still have my tapes :) LOVE that story even more! WE all need lazy mornings like that once and a while.

BTW...Joey went back to Joey and did continue his comedic dreams ;)

KLZ said...

I Feel like I've had this day. I'm so not a morning person

Sandra said...

haha! I like your style...except for waking at 5am. But anyone who names their child @Iambooboolala is my favourite person. I am going to announce to my children today that they will be renamed.

gretchen said...

I'd blame it on the rain too, but it never rains in Southern California. Or so they say.

Nicole said...

Sometimes I watch movies and look at blogs... Shhh! Don't tell... Only really dumb movies.

Blame it on the Rain is one of the first songs I learned to play on the piano when I was like 8 :)

The F_Uitlist said...

Sounds just like my life only I made it in at 8:30 and blamed it on Spongebob. :)

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