One Hot Day in New Orleans...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

I was in band in junior high and high school.

No, I was not a cool cheerleader.

Yes, I could say, "This one time at band camp..." But I was not a sex crazed redhead, obviously. 

Every year our "Symphonic Band" would take a trip somewhere to perform.  Typically it was The World's Fair - at least that is all I remember.  The "Symphonic Band" was supposed to be better than "Concert Band" although they were both high school bands in, what was at the time, the country. 

Side Note: My hometown is now supposedly a cool place to live, but growing up people thought we all milked cows before school and rode snowmobiles to get to class.  At least that was what I told our bus driver in N'awlins.. 

My junior year of high school I was finally in "Symphonic Band" and we were going to New Orleans for The World's Fair - it was exciting - except for the reality.

1) It was SUPER expensive.  My mom said it cost less for my dad and her to go to Hawaii for 10 days!
2) We sat on the runway forEVER and it was HOT...not fun.
3) New Orleans in late June?  Worse humidity than Minnesota and I sweat from my head...yuck.
4) Band uniforms?  Double yuck.


We found out that the day we were performing it was also "O.J. Simpson Day" (!?!?!?) at The World's Fair.  Seriously, they had buttons and everything.

And during our concert that evening he stopped by to "direct" our band AND even jumped over trumpet cases like he did in the Hertz commercials.  It was CRAZY...and its the kind of thing you tell people and they look at you like you are crazy and a big fat liar. 

But I am not.  And it took a post on Facebook to prove it.

And YES, that is me leaning into the white shorts, eh?
Enjoy your Fourth of July - or Canada Day! 


Kimberly said...

Look at all that hair!!!

Meri said...

I was in band too- flute. I also played violin in the orchestra and took guitar and piano lessons. Whew!

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