Chuck E Cheese NEW pizza & birthdays!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yes, we went back into the jungle that is called CHUCK E. CHEESE!

And we did it for the brand new, from FRESH ingredients pizza....which I have to say was the bonus for me today.

Well, that and my brother and I took my niece and Boo Boo La La EARLY so that we avoided the birthday crowds.
Cousins gotta HUG before they eat!

From Chuck E. Cheese website
Chuck E. Cheese asked me to go try out the new pizza and sent me a card for a free pizza, 4 large drinks and 30 tokens.  My brother was delighted to tag along so we could all play games and then win some stuff - you know the stuff??? The kids LOVE the stuff and it makes for a good start to the Saturday if they have swim lessons, play in the playland, play games, win tickets and get the stuff.  ;)

We had EXTRA tokens to play with too because Boo Boo La La's birthday was at Chuck E's place

Just one thing....we had to promise Nora to keep her away from this guy.

I was compensated with a large cheese pizza, four drinks, and 30 tokens to give this review and honestly, the pizza DOES taste better.  I *might* have to consider trying their new birthday party for Boo Boo's sixth birthday this winter...hmmm.

p.s. You can get great coupons at their website, - AND make sure you print and color the ChuckTober picture for 10 free tokens! 

Thanks Chuck E.! 

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Kirsten said...

Chuck E. Cheese is still around? That was, like, THE place to have birthdays when I was a little twenty years ago. Glad to hear they're alive and kicking still and that your little one had fun!

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