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Friday, November 4, 2011

Sometimes I feel guilty...

I don't spend enough time playing with @Iambooboolala

I don't spend enough time just being in the same room as T-bone

I don't clean enough, volunteer enough, fill out enough job applications, go on enough interviews, read enough blogs, excercise or eat right....

The list is endless of what is not enough. 

But, today I feel guilty because I am done.  My #jobsearch is complete and I got what I wanted.  The pipe dream of a job that puts me in a place where I believe in the work that they do every day. 

Seriously?  When I filled out the application I tried to REALLY sell myself in the cover letter - apply my experience to the job posting.  I tried to dazzle the recruiter while sitting in my car before another interview.  I talked in the in-person interviews (four) about how their product lines had affected my personal life.  I crossed my fingers and kept going on more interviews and filling out more job applications.  Then after one grueling day of a job-shadow interview I got the call that they liked me, they wanted me, and I was being hired to do something complex, exciting, and full of using my relationship building and negotiating skills. 

How awesome is that?

And how awful.

You see I feel that I am still one of those that are under-employed, un-employed, and downright discouraged.  My last job was the one that found me under-employed.  For three years.  And I just cannot shake that mantle just yet.  And I do not want to do it - I want to be angry that our government does nothing to help millions of citizens. 

I want to tweet out and blog and rant on Facebook.

But for today - I will relax and enjoy the luxury of time. 

Just enough time.


Leah said...

You should be celebrating! I hate, hate, hate my job and am hoping that getting my degree will help me obtain a job that I'm actually happy to go to every day.

Take time and enjoy.


Michelle said...

Oh Lisa, I am SO happy for you!

sprinkles said...


And yes, I agree with everything Leah said. My job is about as fun as watching paint dry. It is incredibly dull but it's a paycheck.

Anti-Supermom said...

Lisa, congrats! This is the first of hearing of your new job, and that is something to celebrate!!

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