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Monday, November 21, 2011

I think I have written before about how @IamBooBooLaLa and I spend time at The Minnesota Zoo.  And frankly I don't think people take enough advantage of their Family Zoo Adventures.  We have been behind the scenes in the Sea Otter habitat, under the Tropics Trail making popsicle's for the Gibbons and yesterday?

FINALLY after three tries...we got to Dolphin Magic!

First we walked around the dolphin's kitchen - you could smell the thawing fish and I thought it smelled like the ocean in there - I wanted sushi!  Then our naturalist (she is pretty much the same one we have had every class!  We love Miss E!) took us up some stairs and we opened up to the Shark Reef!  Boo Boo was fascinated by looking down on the fishes, sharks, rays and even saw Marty the Sea Turtle.  

But the highlight?  Getting on the deck:

I feel like I am in Dolpin Tale!
We got to step into a bucket to sanitize the bottoms of our shoes then we were on the deck with Dolphin (and  Sea Otter) Trainer M.  

OMG doesn't even cover it.

Hello Allie!
As we walked onto the deck little Taijah popped SUPER high up out of the water and made some adorable squeeks at us...Boo Boo was SPEECHLESS!  We got to walk all around the deck and stare into the pools watching Mom Allie and her Baby Taijah swim around wondering who we were.  It was so much fun!  We got to ask all kinds of questions about them and Semo, the daddy in the big front pool.  The only thing I regret is that I was not fast enough to get some good pictures because they popped up many times to look at us and squeek.  Boo Boo couldn't hardly speak except to wave and say "Hi Dolphin." nearly at a whisper.

When it was all over and we had done our craft and eaten our "fishy" snack of goldfish and Swedish Fish I got...

Thank you momma!
Thank you momma!
Thank you momma! 

And lots of hugs. 

Oh and NO the Minnesota Zoo does not pay me to do any of my boasting about them.  I just love them.


sprinkles said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

gretchen said...

What fun! And that Allie couldn't be cuter. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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