Early and Cold

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My child has a strong relationship with the donut.  This kid LOVES her some fried up flour and water and cinnamon, or apples.  Or both.

I USED to love donuts too...then I got old and well, my tummy does not love them any longer so I usually avoid them.

This morning I wanted coffee and thought - you know my local Wuollet bakery is not much farther than Caribou, they have good coffee and Boo Boo could have a donut....

So out I went.  

The car thermostat registered TWO BELOW ZERO.  But I am a Minnesotan, so it barely registers...


I got a fried cinnamon, two apple fritters and a raspberry bismark.  The nice man made me a latte.  I was the ONLY car downtown besides the Star Tribune paper delivery truck.  Doesn't anyone else go out for donuts in the freezing cold early on a Saturday?

When I got home Boo Boo ate about three bites of her fritter...

I ate TWO donuts.

Now she is running around care free...

And I am on the couch with a lump in my stomach.  

Go away bad food baby.  Go.A.Way.


sprinkles said...

YUM!!! I love me some doughnuts too but hardly ever eat them. I have NO willpower so I try to avoid ever buying any. Because I wouldn't stop at just one. Oh no, I'd want them ALL!!!!!! bahahahahah

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Donuts are for they young :( I too suffer so whenever I forget that fact. -2 is COLD. It was 6 when I went out on Sunday morning and I was feeling it!!

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