Corn Syrup?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Over a month ago we lost power on our refrigerator...Yes, this bad boy needed service.

I lost a couple bucks in groceries to the dead fridge and the freezing cold outside...the BBQ sauce was "questionable" along with other condiments hubby and I left in the fridge.  He had to stop and get some on his way home to make his famous baked country-style ribs and onions.

Conversation heard that night:

T: I got this BBQ sauce because it said it had no corn syrup on the front.
M: ?
T: I started looking at all the labels and all the others had corn syrup.  This one didn't.
M: ?
T: It was good wasn't it?
M: Yes, I like Ken Davis BBQ sauce.  It is good.

Two weeks later country-style ribs are back in the rotation.

T: This sauce didn't have corn syrup either - so I got this one this time.  It tastes pretty good, don't you think?
M: ???

I think the Corn Refiners Association is going to be so pissed that their ads were so ineffective on my hubby that he actually spent time looking at all the bottles of BBQ sauce in Cub Foods to find the ones  that did not contain high-fructose corn syrup.

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Jennifer said...

I want to hug your hubby right now! I'm a little crazy about the corn syrup thing, too (it's everywhere!). :)

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