Chevy Girls Night Out - you can win.

Monday, May 7, 2012

So over the weekend we had a disastrous outing, a fun brunch, rain on cleaning up Swisher Sweet tips and old pregnancy test sticks from the lake, more rain, picking the winner of the Kentucky Derby - but not betting, teaching Sunday School - realizing the cat had a runny eye, getting up Monday to schedule him to go to the Vet.

Oy and Oy and Oy.

So much to do.

Why not try win yourself a night out with friends?

Click the link above, like the page and REGISTER TO WIN!

5/7-5/13; $100 W.A. Frost Gift Card
5/14-5/20; $100 Landmark Theaters Gift Card
5/21-5/27; $100 Town Hall Brewery Gift Card
5/28-6/3; $100 Wine & Canvas Gift Card

I mean??? What What???  Fun times for all will be had if you win.  

You could take your husband too - I mean if you like that kind of thing.  

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