Captain Billy's Whiz Bang!

Friday, July 13, 2012

We moved to Robbinsdale in 2000.  I love it - especially this weekend every year when we celebrate -

Whiz Bang Days!

You see every little town, and big town, in Minnesota has its own festival.  From 'River City Days' to the big 'Aquatennial' you will see parades, fireworks, block parties and fun!

But what is a Whiz Bang and why do we celebrate?

A Whiz Bang is apparently what World War I soldiers called the bombs that flew overhead.  AND the history section of the Whiz Bang Days site tells us:

Upon return as a World War I Doughboy Captain Billy Fawcett started a publication in Robbinsdale called Captain Billy's Whiz Bang, which was the first publication of Fawcett Publications. It was a magazine that was similar to National Lampoon. Subscriptions were sold to WWI Doughboys to help keep them in touch and let people know about the war. 

And because WWII was going on when they started Whiz Bang days they just picked that name. So really? Who cares its fun.

You can find out more about it here on the web and Facebook.

And this is where you will see me this weekend -

Watching the parade down the street from the best party in town.

See ya!

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