The Kissing Hand - Audrey Penn

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Going through the backpack with Boo Boo La La is the highlight of my day - usually. 

So I was excited for the First Day of First Grade and seeing what wonders the new backpack would hold...let's look at the new "backpack".

I opened the backpack, found the folder and inside was this piece of paper.  

I asked Boo Boo La La to explain to me what the picture was for and this is the story she told me.

Do you see that heart?  That is where the Mommy kissed the hand and then you could hold your hand by your check like this ( ) and feel your Mommy with you all day.  Do you think we should try that?  But I want to kiss your hand too.  Then you can put your hand by your cheek and think about me.  Okay?

I welled.  Tears.

Then later she showed it to T-bone and told him that he should get a "Kissing Hand" kiss too.  So he remembers her while he is at work.  "Mwah!"

She loves to say "Mwah!" with gusto.

Do your schools read such sweet tales to the children?


sprinkles said...

I don't remember my mom ever kissing my hand like that, but how sweet!

Anti-Supermom said...

That even make me melt... and I promise, I'm not one for melting :)


Unknown said...

PRECIOUS! :-) I like the idea! I travel so much .. it would be nice for my kids to feel like I was always there.

Mommy of two said...

We love that book! :)

Raising Z and Lil C said...

So very sweet!! I got choked up reading this post, that is a paper to hold onto for sure!

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