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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All my life - people have felt the need to talk to me.

Complete strangers.

They come up to me and ask me the oddest questions.  My earliest memory of this happening was when my cousin Michelle and I were at the mall with my Grandparents and this CRAZY old lady with too much makeup came and asked me what I used to get my hair so blonde....

I was about 7 or 8?
Let's call it "genetics", shall we?

When I worked downtown Minneapolis I got stopped CONSTANTLY by people asking for directions, am I in blah-blah building, do I know where to get a good burger, "Hablo Espanol?" - right.
Dude, do you SEE how blonde I am???  sigh.

I gave in.

I appointed myself "Skyway Skycap" and wherever I saw someone who looked "lost" I would ask them if I could help them get somewhere, find something, etc.  It was kind of fun.

I don't work downtown anymore, but I still try to help.

I offered a mom at a Saints game with two girls dripping ice cream if she could use the wet wipes I had - I pick up things people drop - I let little old ladies 'budge' me in lines.

And I STILL have everyone under the sun come up and talk to me.  Including those who barely speak English at Costco.

"Uhhh, (making eating motions) Salad???"
Oh yeah - back wall - over there....

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I think it's because you have a very friendly face. :)

But seriously who else besides a crazy lady is going to ask a 7 year old how they get their hair so blonde? What a weirdo!

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