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Monday, February 11, 2013

So, yesterday we ventured out in the middle of the snowstorm, like seriously it ended before we headed home.  We had a morning full with worship participation Sunday - Boo Boo La La and her class having the part of choir for the day.  Except I totally forgot my camera, and Boo Boo didn't do the actions on the second song....

"I was too TIRED Daddy!"

My Mom retired finally at the end of January and we went out for a lovely brunch at Spasso.  Thank you Sister In Law dear for picking up the tab, you clearly did not have to do that and I now owe you lunch!  :)

I got a lovely dinner made, dishes and laundry put away - thankfully had done all the grocery shopping on Saturday and settled in (to watch Dean McDermott win RvG on Food Network because obviously the Grammy's are no longer aimed at my demographic) because it is about to be a week!

Wait, let's look at Dean a second, shall we?

You know I like hot guys who cook, right?

Tonight?  PTO meeting and the first night back at Kid-Fu!  Yes, at the same time of course so Mama has to let Daddy get all the glory of being at Kid-Fu.

Tomorrow? Girl Scouts and our Valentine Party and giving our Cookie Mom's all the checks and cash and getting my SIXTY more boxes of cookies.

Wednesday night we have to put together 24 Valentine's for the class because I can't make it easy and bought a fancy Valentine KIT from Michael's.

Thursday is Valentine's day and I know there will be a sugar crash from Boo Boo in my future....

Then Friday we will have to find just the right gift for a three-year old cousin for Saturday's Jumpy House Party!

Not to mention homework and reading our One School/One Book chapters of "Because of Winn-Dixie!"

...and look!  Right there on the kitchen counter.

The Girl Scout Treat Bucket remains....un-decorated.

Hmmmm.  When will we fit that in?


Emma said...

Oh my! You're busy alright and that big fella whoever he is, is super handsome!

Susannah said...

Wow, sounds like a busy week... good luck! :-)

Slamdunk said...

Congrats to your mom Lisa--that will be a nice change for her I bet.

And Dean certainly looks the part of chef.

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