At least she made it...

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last Thursday my carpool mate said, "Hey, let's drive ourselves tomorrow.  I want to work late."

Crap.  It is going to snow, I could work from home, but I left my laptop in the building.

I get home and my husband, who is packing to leave for a snowmobile trip, says, "Boo Boo isn't feeling well."

Crap.  I left my laptop at work and it is going to snow and my kid is sick.


Maybe she will feel better in the morning.

6:20 am a little person shuffles into my room.

"Mama, I don't feel good.  My tummy hurts." and CRAP!

I get dressed and put my hair up.  Bundle her into the car with water, a bucket, and some gatorade to retrieve my laptop so I can work from home.

Crap.  I HATE driving while it is snowing.  Double crap.

I take the back roads hoping to avoid other cars sliding into me.  From the back I hear, "Mama it is too bumpy and hilly and its making me sick."

We are almost there baby, hold on.

We pull into the lot at work and I go to the back to help Boo Boo get out - and she says, "I don't feel so...."

BLECH - right into the bucket I am holding as I am helping her out of the car.

And we are standing in the snow, child barfing.

At least she made it to the parking lot.


Susannah said...

Oh no! This doesn't sound like a good time at all. I'm glad the kiddo didn't throw up all over the car!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Oh Thank God she made it!!! Puke in the car is the worst (especially when you are the one puking and trying to clean it up...been there!). Hope she is feeling better soon.

Ginny Marie said...

And at least you brought a bucket! I have been there....

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