Robbinsdale Eggstravaganza!

Monday, March 25, 2013

There are a lot of fun events in Robbinsdale - Whiz Bang Days, the Lighting of the Christmas Tree, but the one that Boo Boo likes best - probably now more than ever - is the Eggstravaganza!

The first year my husband saw something about the event he just took Boo Boo there on a whim.  She came home with stuffed animals and candy and a huge smile.  So the next year I went along...she got some candy and a couple dollars in cash.  She was happy and smiling, we got CANDY and she got to hang with us doting on her for a few hours.

I have to tell you, from a parents perspective this event is not all that awesome.  You stand in line, it is usually cold, your child runs around some, complains about the wait some.  Parents who are first timers get WIDE EYED at the line, they don't understand.  Why is there a line?  Isn't this an Easter Egg Hunt?


It is the Eggstravaganza.
I need to give this to the Easter Bunny!
It is not a hunt.  Here at the Eggstravagaza the kids wait and dance to the dj - parents sipping their free hot chocolate.  Then at 1pm all are ushered into City Hall, family by family.  Children are shown where to select their four plastic eggs from a laundry basket festooned with ribbons and spring-y touches, then swooped up to one of the many volunteers behind the counter who help them open their precious plastic eggs.

We got it down now.  T-bone goes up about noon.  We join him later to minimize the whine.

She LOVED my egg.
Boo Boo read her Captain Underpants book and waited.

Out came The Easter Bunny - giving all the kids Twizzlers and waving and hugging.  She was SO pleased to get the hand drawn gift - she waited for us to get the right picture of the hug.  :)

We then went inside.  The room was already buzzing with sugar and joy.  Cheers going going up from the volunteers when certain colors of tickets were revealed.  I mean, how fun to give a kid a scooter or a bike, or the biggest stuffed bunny you ever saw?

Boo Boo selected four little plastic eggs held together with tape.  Then we went up to the counter.

A nice lady bubbling with excitement said, "Should we see what you got?"  And she and Boo Boo began to open them.  She SHRIEKED!!!!!  "WE GOT AN ORANGE TICKET!!"  and suddenly we were pretty popular.  A lady behind said, "Is this the girl who won a BIKE?"

Boo Boo was in shock.  A bike?  And I have three more EGGS??? She could barely speak.

Lots of pictures were taken after Boo Boo surveyed all the bikes on the platform and selected the cute white one with pink and blue swirls.  She barely remembered she got THREE OTHER prizes including two stuffed animals and a pencil case.  

Would you if you were seven?

Did she need the bike?  No.

Do other parents complain that this is a zoo and kids from other towns come?  Yes.

Do I care?  No.  Because my Boo Boo had just as much fun the year she won two dollars and some candy as she did when she won the bike.  

How can you argue with that?

I wonder who's turn it will be next year to be so lucky.
P.S. There are other fun things at this event.  Cookie decorating, Easter Egg craft, people to talk to from the community.  Our Chamber does a great job of it - and I personally would love to be in their shoes making so much joy.


sprinkles said...

Oh wow, I would have loved something like this as a kid! I only ever remember going to one public Easter egg hunt. We got there as it was ending, so we didn't really get to participate.

I would say Boo Boo most def. had a happy Easter!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Wow!! Your town is way cooler than ours :) Sounds crazy but fun. So exciting!!!

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