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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Did I ever mention how much Boo Boo loves her stuffed animals?

When asked to bring props to her photo shoot for North Memorial she brought Panda and her iPod.

They seemingly multiply and it does not help that T-bone is good with the Claw.  (He is a regular Sponge Bob Squarepants.) And all of them need to be on the bed! There is barely room for her and then Roofis climbs on top!

So when I had the day off and we were planning NOTHING at all. Just movie watching and such I told Boo Boo it was time to banish all but TWELVE of the fur babies back into her Boon.

This genius thing to hold stuffed animals.

So she brings in this lady - again not named very originally - we call her Wolfie.

Wolfie came from Como Zoo and she has a baby wolf.

Mama? Does Wolfie and the baby count as ONE or two?

One, they came together honey and you don't split a mommy and baby up.


Flash forward - tell me - does this look like TWELVE stuffed animals?

No? Well apparently they are Mommies and their BABIES.

For instance: 
The jumbo cat she stole out of her sister's room that morning and the two smaller cats she already had.

But my favorite was this...

They all came from IKEA so they must be related? Ya Sure, You Betcha!

I am again...outsmarted.

But I was glad to see that Dory and Marlin hooked up and had a pink baby.

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