We have it pretty good, don't we?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Yesterday morning I was pissed off.

I was pissed off and tearing up all day.

I was mad about a lot of things and was wishing things were better.

Then, I realized how lucky I had been yesterday and today this morning.

Something was wrong with my car. >-<

Something was wrong with my car, but I am lucky enough to have a husband who uses a work van - so each day there is an alternative vehicle I can take to get my daughter to daycare and myself to work.

How lucky am I?

I have a working washing machine to clean my daughter's gymnastics leotard so that she can go to the class we can afford to pay for....even if I forget to wash it until the morning of gymnastics.

How lucky am I?

My family is healthy and all have jobs and a warm home to live in.

How lucky are we?

I have a fantastic group of ladies and gentlemen who attend the meetings for our Parent Teacher Organization at my child's school.  Involvement goes up every year.

How lucky are all of us?

I have friends who take me out and laugh (at me and with me) Cookie exchanges, beers, wine, fun, random card games, tears.

How lucky am I?

I got flowers and cards in the mail at work today because some of the people I work with really appreciate what I do.

That sure is lucky.

I should think about this every day.  My problems are typically First World problems.

Woah is me.  Gloom, despair, agony.

My latte got cold. I got cut off in traffic. Someone forgot to EMAIL ME THAT CONTRACT!

None of it is really that important.

But you are important to me.  So in this season I say to you.

We have it pretty good, don't we?

Happy Holidays,


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lisahgolden said...

Perspective is key. Thanks for the reminder.

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