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Monday, February 23, 2015

I wrote about my grandmother a lot.

She was pretty cool - What with teaching me how to "brew tea" and all. 

She has been gone from this world over three years now.  I know as she passed away before I started my job here.  At the time I was laid off and not working, so I was able to visit her and be there for her funeral.  

Sometimes things are a blessing. 

And this morning I was thinking, Boo Boo is about like my Grandma.  

Pretty independent, creative, and loves a tiara. 

Actually my Grandmother's Tiara on Boo - she inherited it. 

Grandma would have appreciated the polymer clay class Boo Boo and I took yesterday.  

She has her Grandmother and Great-Grandmother's eye for color this one....

Kind of a pointless post - but for me there is a reason.

I need to remember all the fun we have when we do things like yesterday.

It is not hard to go to the store, get some clay, and do this at home too.  In fact I found out at the class that this stuff is less than $3 a pack....and you don't need very much of it.

I have promised her we will do this craft over the weekend of Spring Break.

And now you know too.

Send me YouTube videos of polymer clay crafts if you know of any!!!

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