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Thursday, July 2, 2015

My child is a very grumpy child when it comes to one question.

What would you like for breakfast - blank or blank? 

This morning she decided pancake.  I went to heat one up and *DAMMIT* no whip cream. 

Yes, whip cream. 

Miss Boo Boo La La has decided she no longer wants syrup on ANYTHING but cheesy tortillas and bacon. (I hear the "yuck" from here!)

I call upstairs, "We are out of whip cream, do you still want a pancake?"

"WHATEVER! UGH! I guess I will have cereal!"

"Well, I GUESS you will get it yourself if you cannot be civil.  You have an hour to get yourself breakfast and get ready." 

Hour passes by, we grab all we needed to get through the day and are driving to camp. 

...from the backseat, "Isn't breakfast the most important meal of the day?"

That ship sailed sister.  That ship sailed.

She won't starve though, she has a morning and afternoon snack, plus lunch, in her backpack.

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sprinkles said...

You're much nicer than my mom. It was extremely rare that we had anything other than cereal for breakfast. Once in awhile we got something different, but not often. Usually my mom said that she wasn't running a restaurant so we'd eat what she served us or we didn't eat. I kinda got over being a picky eater from that. lol I'm pickier now than when I was a kid, but I also make my own meals now.

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