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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I live less than a mile from a coffee chain's World Headquarters.

It is literally on the exit I get onto the highway from my house. I can zip in and zip out - it is super convenient.

But, I don't go there anymore.

I used to go there so much that I gave a baby gift to a pregnant barista.  They knew my name, that I always got a large latte, Boo Boo La La's name and what she liked too!

Then one Christmas my boss gave me a Starbucks gift card.

I thought it was odd because that company was in a building with that "other" coffee chain at the skyway level and nearly every meeting you had with someone mid-morning or late afternoon eventually ended up there.  He and I had my semi-annual review in this coffee house, yet, here was a Starbucks card in my Christmas card. Weird, right?

Where is there even a +Starbucks Coffee?

I found out there was one the next exit up from my house and decided one day to check it out.

Here is what I discovered.

I like Starbuck's coffee better.

There, I said it. It is nearly blasphemous in Minnesota to say you like it better than our home brand, but I DO! I love you +Starbucks Coffee and then, you invented the Flat White.

Can I say that made me fall in love again? Just like when you sent me a "Gold Card" for being a loyal cardholder.  And again when you had Barista Colin - who +erica steffenson and I would fight over who loved him more?  We even +Twitter message each other when we found him at a new Starbucks location.  Is that weird?  Don't answer.

But this week.  This week you outdid yourself +Starbucks Coffee - you launched in-app purchases to pick up my Starbuck's coffee on the run.  No time. No Line. Or so Starbuck's says.

They launched Mobile Order & Pay and now if they take it away from me I will cry.  It is the MOST AWESOME THING EVER IN THE UNIVERSE OF STARBUCKS!!!

You open your Starbucks app, you pick what you want, you pay in the app, you drive to Starbucks, park, walk in and go to the pickup window, Voila!  Hot and ready Starbucks...well, unless you got a Frapuccino, then cold and ready.

The first time I tried it I walked in and the barista said to me "Are you Lisa?" I nodded and he said, "I just finished. Here you go!" I was hooked.

I am not getting paid to tell you about this by anyone.  I am just telling you to hurry up and download the Starbucks app and start using this feature.

I don't want it to go away.

Happy #NationalCoffeeDay
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