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Friday, November 4, 2016

I kind of like chickens.

I kind of generically lump roosters and chickens together.

I have wanted a giant metal chicken since I read this post, but my love of chickens started when my child was not even one yet - so late 2006-ish.

Someone at work gave me this cocky-dude for being at work so early all the time.

I was seriously smitten

Then, I found this chicken about 2009 (?) at TJMaxx...I walked around with it for an hour trying to convince myself not to buy it.  

This one about 2014...she is a pretty birdie.

And it sort of spilled into my kitchen after that...with canisters, a napkin holder, I even got a giant brass wishbone at Target last year.

But nothing was enough.  I still wanted a big metal chicken of my own.  With it's own cool personality. I saw one at the State Fair, but when my husband went back to get it - it was gone.

So I forgot about it.

Last week my daughter started jibber-jabbing, "Mom, I really want to tell you what Daddy got you for your anniversary.  It is really good.  What did you get him?  You should really start thinking about your husband and what he would like.  But, I can't tell you what Daddy bought you, but it is gooood!"

I mean she said this to me like a bunch of times in various iterations.

I was concerned.  Was it something crazy???!!! I mean a ten-year-old girl thinks it is cool.

New golf clubs?

Then, last night, T-bone asked if he could give me my anniversary present. And when I said no, he actually looked a little sad.

(pouty lips)

This morning I came downstairs and T-bone wasted no time. He TOLD me he was giving me my gift now and started opening up the sliding glass door...

I am the luckiest woman ALIVE!

I think he likes me.  I sure do love him.

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sprinkles said...

Aww, I kinda like him too!

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