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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sometimes I have to take Boo Boo La La to gymnastics because T-Bone has a meeting.

I always think in the morning - we'll be so RUSHED - I will barely have time to get her, get her changed and THEN, what will we do about dinner???

I imagine asking her when I pick her up if she wants Subway or McDonald's.

But then, as I drive toward school after work, I change my mind.

Suddenly I think to myself.

Wait a second - why would it be faster to go to Subway or McDonald's?  Boo Boo can't change into her leotard while we are choosing food or sitting in the drive-thru.

I have fruit and tortillas and peanut butter at home.

Hmmm, I will just get her and run home the eight blocks, she can change while I make a peanut butter roll-up and cut her an apple.


My point is, I do have time.  I am not as rushed as I work myself up to be.  I just need to drive and breathe for a second.

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sprinkles said...

Yes, take a deep breath and it'll all work out. I need to follow that advice myself sometimes.

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