Happy President's Day - not you 45

Monday, February 20, 2017

It's another holiday I get to be home because I work for an East-Coast based company.

Midwest companies do not really take this day off.

President's Day we take off, not that I am not getting some work done today, but I am home in my kitchen and am not really expected to work.

(pause to sip from my favorite mug some Starbucks Vanilla)

So, Happy President's Day to one and all.

Except you 45.

You who needs attention so badly you began your next campaign just shy of your first month in office. 



Let's think of happier things people.

Here are some good stories from around the globe this Patriotic Holiday.

Zealandia: This is fun - we have identified a new continent - and the Kiwi's deserve it, I know some and they are a fun bunch.  I also find the name ZEALANDIA to be awesome.

Girl Scout Cookies: I agree with her on some reviews, but leave my Do Si Do's alone.  I love them.  I am curious though about her sales numbers.  She must live somewhere you can do online sales. p.s. if you need a box we have plenty!  :)

GAGA: Lady Gaga is going to do a remake of "A Star is Born" - this may get me back to the movie theatre for something other than a Pixar flick.

And finally this one - this is such an amazing story of kindness.  Enjoy.

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