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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I am no good at taking photos while I cook.

I don't have a fancy camera to make things look like Pioneer Woman. 

I do like to cook. A lot. 

I do not always GET to cook because my husband gets home before I do and he does not want to wait until 7pm every night for dinner.

I try to make food exciting when it is my turn to get behind the stove. But because of how picky Boo Boo La La is I often just bake chicken with lemon or wine and cinnamon, or chops with onions or apple. T-bone had commented on how dry he thinks baked chicken breast is, but he does not like other pieces of chicken.  And chops can get dry in the oven too.

So I googled pork chops and found this lovely recipe from The Kitchn blog.  And as luck would have it the chops I had were bone-in!  I made the brine with garlic, pepper and some thyme, which is what I had, and voila! DELICIOUS chops.

A month or so later I tried it again with two packages of meat that were needing to be cooked or lost forever - one package was pork chops and the other ended up being chicken thighs! They came out so delicious that T-bone even ate some of the chicken thighs! I buy chicken thighs on sale for myself and do make ahead lunches with them. Yummy! Salivating just thinking about those juicy nuggets from the brine.

Now, this week I had Presidents Day off so I made sure I had everything ready to make chicken breasts in the brine when I had an epiphany (!) TEQUILA!!!

I have a giant bottle of tequila in my fridge that I have been trying to use up, so I substituted half the water for TEQUILA and used just garlic and the juice/zest of a lime in the brine.

You can say it.

That totally does not sound like it sucked at ALL.

And you are correct peeps. It was PERFECTO!

Muy bien.  

Let me know if you try it and you like it too!


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