I was driving when this a****** decided that he's going to practically stop in a 45 mph zone.

Friday, July 3, 2020

In our town, there is a three-lane road where at one point, before it gets downtown, one of the lanes becomes an exit only.

This morning when I was driving my child to soccer a gentleman decided that he wanted to jockey for position to move over into the crowded exit only lane and not care that he was blocking the entire center lane of this three-lane highway. (He had plenty of opportunities to merge into the lane, he NEEDED to be first in line)

I honked at him, then as I passed he looked at me like, "What is your problem?" 

I'll tell you what my problem is loser - My PROBLEM is white dudes like you who think that you can jockey for position wherever you are regardless of everyone else. YOUR NEED TO BE FIRST NO MATTER THE COST. 

You are an entitled lump of crap and you are blocking the way of everyone else!! 

Get out of EVERYONE's WAY!!! 

that's my problem

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