Wills & Kate

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It must be said that my family has a long history of interest in the British Royal Family. My Grandfather was an Anglophile of the highest order; he wore tweed and plaid, vests and caps. He even smoked a pipe a la Sherlock Holmes. My Grandmother and Uncle always have interest in any kind of celebrity---they watch Dancing with the Stars for crying out loud. My brother and I were in pop radio, nuff said. Then my parents---While Mom & Dad may say they are not into it; I know they have had a subscription to People since I could read!!! Which brings me to the subject at hand today. Wills & Kate.

WHO?!? You mean you do not know?

When I was a teenager Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. I got up at about 4am to watch it on the telly. Almost one year later they had a son, William, born June 21, 1982. I nearly screamed my head off that day. Imagine the future Kind of England is born on YOUR BIRTHDAY. So that is Wills, but who is Kate?

Do you not read People Magazine? Kate Middleton is the on-again girlfriend of Prince William and they are now speculating she will be the future QUEEN, sorry Camilla.

I probably care more than I normally would that William marry Kate, you see I discovered last year, before they broke up over the spring and summer, that Kate shared a birthday with someone else VERY special. Yes, her birthday is January 9! She is a Capricorn and born on the same day as my sweet little girl.

Before you worry that she will be a princess about it...know that Joan Baez, Simone De Beauvoire, Richard Nixon & a Pope are all also born on January 9.

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