Friday, November 2, 2007

I was worried I would not have something to blog about everyday of NaBloPoMo(which others say sounds like everything from candy to an odd disease to...), however I realized that my husband and Boo Boo La La are pretty entertaining.

Who else insists on wearing sunglasses and a Nemo swimsuit in the hot tub on the first day of November in MN?

I got prolific today at NaBloPoMo: Read here.

Have a great weekend!


regina said...

I'm totally inspired! Now, I just need a Nemo swimsuit and hot tub. (Hot tubs in chilly weather are the BEST!)

Thanks for friending me on NaBloPoMo, and happy blogging. :)

Simple Blog Writer said...

I'm checking out the blogs in the MN group on NaBloPoMo and saying hi. Hi!

Minnesota expat

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