Chuck E Cheese

Monday, November 12, 2007

I have been dreading the day when my little Boo boo la la is old enough to request a birthday trip to Chuck E Cheese. It is the kind of place where you need to abandon all sense and reason... you have to go with the flow and eat before you get there because the pizza is cardboard with ketchup and the 'salad bar' is iceburg and shredded carrots. This is what I/ME/MYSELF think; it apparently is not a widely held opinion.

T and I were watching a football game later Sunday and a commercial came on for CiCi's pizza-- some pizza-buffet place where it is all-you-can-eat for $5. T made the comment that must be some really nasty pizza; I said it can NOT be worse than Chuck E Cheese and he exclaimed, NO WAY!!!! Chuck E Cheese is GREAT pizza. (huh, I am thinking....) It is WAY better than Domino's....WHAT!?!!! Ewww. Who am I married to? I love Domino's pizza, even though the guy who founded it opposes abortion which should make me not want it, I like Domino's better than most pizza.

My favorite is still Papa Murphy's take-n-bake---at least we have that one in common.

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