Tuesday, November 13, 2007

So I flew into Ft. Lauderdale last night, do not get excited I return to MN tonight, and AirTran was not a bad airline to fly. We even got in early enough for me to call the hotel shuttle service.


We arrived and the driver went into the lobby with my bag and did not wait for me to get out of the shuttle.
There was a strange man standing at the front desk talking with the deskman.
The deskman began with, Mrs. Scherber I just need your ID and Amex card...without excusing the man standing there...as I wondered if he were an employeee he said,
"How old are you?"
I gave him a withering look that said---Back off buddy. He started in..."Hey, I am not agreessive I just..."
"Please, I am not comfortable checking in with you standing there." He becomes indignant, obviously had a few cocktails and heads over to rehash with his buddy how "she is not 'comfortable'" blah, blah, blah.
I turn to the night deskman and say, "I wish you would have said something to him so I did not have to."
"I did not want to offend a guest."
"Well, you DID." he shrugs...

Whatever, this is also a DIVE! and all doors are external!!! Yikes. I put every piece of furniture up against the door and window. Can you say three hours of sleep and not all in a row?

I can not wait to go home.


Peder said...

Yikes! Was this part of a large business friendly chain? What kind of place does that company of yours put you up at? Don't they have good travel connections???

MommyLisa said...

Ha ha ha. It was Ramada and I selected it...it was rated higher than most other properties that were available--however, it was NOT nice at all. Clearly they had not been reviewed in awhile.

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