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Sunday, November 4, 2007

So, yesterday we went to a baby shower for my cousin and his wife. She is very sweet, but her friend from Texas went OVERBOARD. Here are some things we had to endure:
  1. A 19 question Texas Trivia contest---poke my ears out now.
  2. Texas gifts, including sterlized soil to put under the bed while she is having the baby so the kid can be "Born on Texas soil." My Auntie L said she is moving to Europe because of that!
  3. Ladybugs EVERYWHERE - thank god they are moving because there were about 200 ladybug buttons all over and at least a few would be in the carpet: can you say this woman has no kids and does not understand CHOKING hazzard?

I left a bit early because I had plans. We were going out to celebrate the seven years we have now officially been married. We went to the O'Shaunessy to see "The Gales of November..." a play/concert about the Edmund Fitzgerald and Lake Superior in general. Yes, I know, it sounds VERY lame. I won tickets from FM107, but it was WAY cooler than I imagined. We liked most of it --- there were some questionable narrations that most of the audience laughed at that offended my sailor hubby. Me too.

The BIG hit was my suggestion of Dixies on Grand for our dinner before. My hubby loved it so much he now wants to go there EVERY year. If your husband likes meat and seafood and spicy I say head over and have the Jambalaya or the Ribs...their sauce is killer. I had the BBQ Chicken, it comes with the sauce on the side so you control and was MELT IN YOUR MOUTH. Plus, I have always loved the mashed potatoes---though they were not as good as they used to be.

And did I mention it was CHEAP. Our dinner was about $30 and we were STUFFED!

Enjoy your Sunday.

Set the Clocks back.

We are off to brunch with my folks to pick up Boo Boo La La. She has Grandma's number I tell ya!


Whiskeymarie said...

Oh how I love Dixie's soul fries with a Cajun bloody mary on a Sunday afternoon...

I haven't been there in ages even though I go to Saji-ya a fair amount.
Maybe later today- it IS Sunday, after all.

Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, and duh.
Happy Anniversary!

MommyLisa said...

Thanks! I loved that every day has happy hour! $4 glass of Five Rivers...yum.

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