Have you ever slept in your contacts?

Monday, January 14, 2008

My PRK went great! I could see VERY well out of my right eye on Friday afternoon --- bottom line of the eye chart baby! And pretty good out of my left, what they expect on day one with PRK.

NO PAIN. In fact it was the oddest feeling and weirdest kalidascope of color imaginable when they were doing the laser. YES, you are awake and can see it all. Like I said, totally bizarre!

I have had to wear this contact lens over each eye though until tomorrow; because they removed the top layer of cells to do the laser, unlike typical Lasik where they cut the flap---in PRK they remove the top layer of cells.

It is pretty crunchy around my eyes---no rubbing---and a bit hazy on the edges of my vision because they are not totally clear from just putting in drops.

To sum up. Very odd, but I would do it again. I can SEE the clock on the VCR from my bed. Need there be any other explanation?

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