FemBot? Stepford? Alien???

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Doesn't she look like bullets might fly out of her jumblies? Or something is weird?

I saw Katie Holmes on Letterman the other night and I was really taken back by her "stiffness". She does not even seem like the same person in the previews for her new movie with Queen and Diane Keaton.

What really got me was how she talks about her daughter. How she is so smart and talkative... umm, right. Is that because she is from thawed out alien sperm? You heard the L.Ron rumour, right? What I heard is that Suri is either Chris Klien(her former fiance)'s baby, or was born from thawed out sperm of L.Ron Hubbard.

Not that I be-lieve any of that or anything. Ahem.

Also, lest we condemn poor Suri for being seemingly born beautiful---take a look at this example:

That was then, and this is now:

OK so maybe celebrity fit club took off a few pounds. Who is to say what you will look like when you age...think of the Olson twins!!! They were two goofy looking babies!!!

Well, off to shop with my new stepford-friend and fellow mommy.

So, where to? Burburry, Prada, or LeBoutin?

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Whiskeymarie said...

I think Katie Holmes is so gorgeous and for a while there I thought she had a chance at a respectable career. Now I just think she's a sad, controlled weirdo with a nutjob "husband".
That poor little Suri. She hasn't got a chance of being normal at this point.

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