How do they learn this stuff?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We do not watch Sesame Street, or Barney, or Hannah Montana, but somehow Boo Boo La La knows who all these characters are. Today we fell victim to

*dum, dum, dum*

Cute litte Miss Hello Kitty!

We got two dvd's and a pair of slip on shoes for about $17.

Now, I do not mind that my daughter has a mind of her own and knows what she wants. But I can not help but wonder where she is learning all these characters? Our Daycare provider assures me they do not watch "Josh and Drake", "iCarly", or "Hanna Montana", but she knows these people when she sees them. In fact she has a crush on Drake as hard as the crush she has on Shaun from Hi-5, which is a show I know she watches. Is it really true that kids see that many commercials? And where are these Barney and Hello Kitty commercials that I am missing them? Seriously?

I just refuse to buy any Barney stuff. I draw the line there man.

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