Two year olds love to get a fever

Monday, May 5, 2008

Boo Boo La La is home today from daycare with a temp of 101. She was not happy about me taking her temp - in her ear, not the other place. She screamed and cried as if I had beaten her senseless and left her for dead. She even told her brother J-Dogg, "Mommy hurt my ear!" 15 minutes later when we came down for cereal.

The reason she loves having a fever though is 'profen'!!! She loves her profen: bubble gum, grape, cherry-berry, toozlesauce. It does not matter which flavor, she drinks it slowly - sip, sip, sip - from the little plastic cup. You would think this stuff was the elixir of life.

On a side note - at least one friend thought I was referring to them about my 'busy' post. No, no, no. I was referring to people who do not even have the decency to read your friends blogs and send them important news and stupid jokes via email. I was ranting about those people you work with who expect you to help them at the drop of a hat, but can not for the life of them get you what you need if you ask nicely one-hundred times. Whew! Another rant and it si not even 9am. :)

Enjoy your day whacked out on profen like Boo Boo.


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