Not a whole lot to say today

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I do not really have much to talk about today.

I am continually disappointed in the media and their election coverage

I continue to try and fit workouts in so I feel better and perhaps can sleep better

Boo Boo was SUPER excited to get back to her regualar daycare after two weeks - she hugged EVERYONE and kept squealing to the delight of her daycare provider -- I am kind of glad she is back from vacation too, Boo Boo la la got bit so hard the other kid drew BLOOD THROUGH HER T-shirt last Thursday at the backup daycare

My stepkids are still around for a good part of this week - there mother had an operation - I am still not sure what for - but, it was major and takes weeks of recovery. She was still in the hospital today and had the operation last Tuesday.

I LOVE my friends, do I tell you that enough? Everyone is so supportive and I feel better about who my close friends are today than at ANY time in my life - Even if you won't go to Disney with me. ;) Seriously, I win the lottery and we go to an island and have people hired to bring us cocktails and good food right to the beach!

I am excited that my brother might be having a baby girl - they still do not know for SURE, but we will see. Thanks for babysitting too!!

Other favorites lately, Simondelivers because I hate going out in public anymore, My mommy! Daddy too. My camera, T-bone's Aviator is fun to drive and a nice morning chat with my Caribou team. Luv you guys.

Have a good day.

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