Psyco Ex-Girlfriend?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So apparently some actor is blogging that he believes Hillary Clinton is the psycho ex-girlfriend of the democratic party. It might be getting to that point, but it is a bit extreeme - and frankly the actor is probably in love with Obama because he is a politician directly out of central casting.

Frankly I can not imagine why anyone likes Obama. I feel like it is just me that is not hearing any substance...and you know the Republicans want to run against him more that they do Hillary!

Which brings me to my solution for Hillary.

Quit, do it now. Quit the race and register as a Republican.

Call John McCain and ask him to be his VP - There is a ticket!!!

When McCain dies from being old, you are now President HR Clinton!!! Yeah.

Okay, it is mean to say McCain is old and might die, but this is just what happens when you think about these things on no sleep.

Have a better day than me.

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