Bad Service - but, pretty good weekend!

Monday, June 30, 2008

So, Saturday we went camping on Big Island and had a BLAST!

****So now for the venting******

Sunday morning we decided to take the Boo Boo out for breakfast on the way home with our good friend Todd - a great place we had been to about half-dozen times and always had good food.

The place was pretty empty, we sat on the porch and only two other tables had people and two servers were working. A whole section of the restaurant was empty and there were not many people in the other parts either -

Waitress comes, Boo Boo is pretty set because she had pink milk, cereal and graps on the boat earlier - we order Bloody's and look at the menu.

Our waitress comes a bit later, another table has seated and we order. I asked if we could get fries for Boo Boo, that is what she wanted, and was told rather grumpily, "No, we don't serve them until NOON. It is breakfast." It was like 11:15 by this time and we had been there for about 20 minutes. Who wouldn't have checked with the kitchen for a cute kid request asked nicely?

We say, okay and ask for beers - the bloody's were not the best that day.

About 10 more minutes pass the table that sat after us is getting their food and a random waitress comes with our beers. I think that is odd, but keep chatting.

The table next to us finishes, new people come and they order and get their bloodies....hmmm, where is our food.

It is now like 11:45 and I am kind of pissed so I go into the restaurant and up to the bar to ask for a manager - The woman I asked was and said, "How can I help you?" I tell her, half-hour and no breakfast - by this time the table seated 10-15 minutes AFTER us has eaten and is paying their check....she says, "Oh, your waitress disappeared - let me at least get the child's food out and we will take care of you."

I am satisfied with this response, but incredulous that a waitress would leave and we still would not get our food...did she not put in the order? Didn't anyone in the kitchen notice our food sitting there?

They come out with the Boo Boo's french toast, luckily sticks so we told her they were fries...she began to gobble them up!

Almost 10 minutes later we finally get the rest of our food - Boo Boo could have had fries, it was CRAZY. But, I still am trying to cling to the words - "we will take care of you...."

Nope, we are finished with our food - our beers long since empty and we watch as the now solo waitress tries to serve the four patio tables - it seems like it would be a simple task and if she was weeded she needed to tell someone.

Finally after about the 3rd time she came out after we asked for a box and the check I got up, went in - she spys me and says "Oh, I need to get your box and ..." I say, "And our breakfast is free right?" It is now 12:30pm and I have had ENOUGH. "Ummm, yup. You bet." says the waitress.

Not her fault entirely, so we did leave her $15 in tip...but I was NOT paying the owner/management for not helping "take care" of us.

Good thing the whole rest of the weekend was awesome AND I got free brunch for the four of us!


Stacey said...

Nice...nothing better then free brunch.

But yeah sucky service just...well it does suck. Sorry you endured that. Nothing turns me in to more of a raging beyotch

Whiskeymarie said...

I worked somewhere where one of the servers just...left. Not a word to anyone. No one noticed for about a half hour, and then there were about 8 very pissed-off tables that the rest of us had to try and recover.
Good times.
Lots of free food was given out that day.

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