Poor Boo Boo

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Boo Boo La La is full of poo-poo.

NO, she is not lying to us. She is actually full of POOP - that won't come out!

Her daycare provider was telling me she had been having really runny poo's. In fact, coming out the diaper one day. Then Sunday she cried and cried and cried because she had constipation and I had to rub her back and encourage her to poo.

So, off to the doctor we went.

He felt her belly and said - "Hmmm, that is some ropey intestine in there." It is a good thing that doctor is so darn cute!

Anywhoo! She now has to take Miralax every day and get "oatmeal poop" - yes that doctor is colorful.

Now, she has had no poop of any kind for three days! I am getting nervous.

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