Root canal's are painful

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Root canal's are painful - your tooth hurts and so does your wallet. I had one this morning that was a do-over of a root canal about 5 years ago.

Damn, why didn't I go to dental school.

Oh yeah, I think spit is disgusting and would not want to look in nasty people's mouth.

I mean, have you looked at some people's teeth? Did they NEVER brush? They are brown and look like they have stuff stuck in them. I can barely bring myself to speak with someone if their teeth are nasty - or if they have a tongue piercing and have no courtesy, but that is another matter.

Now, mine are not perfect - but I brush obsessively. Yes, like 3-5 times a day. It is a really bad habit too, my dentist made me cut back and I can no longer use my favorite 'medium' toothbrush.

When I was single - and even before the Boo Boo La La - I brushed like 10 times a day with Colgate or Crest, Mentadent if it was on sale. AND I would also use mouthwash for 30-45 seconds every morning.

It was a sickness. I am 'sort-of' over it now.

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