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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So today I won $3 in the lottery. Not much, but it gets me a new ticket for free.

In the spirit of the fact that I buy lottery tickets for every drawing - here is what I would do with the winnings.

Please assume the jackpot was over $100 million for fantasy purposes.

(in no particular order)

Donate to my church so they can change the building how they want to - and get some COLOR on the beige walls in that joint.

setup college funds for the steps and boo boo la la, write checks for maximum amount to neices and nephews that won't incur taxes - I think that is $12,500

give enough $$ to mom and dad to retire

Donate to arthritis research, flood relief in the US and charities that keep kids in homes and fed in the US. (starting at home is the best policy for me)

fix up my house just enough so that the next person can enjoy our efforts - new garage, get someone to clean it top to bottom and new sliding glass door should do the trick. Maybe new cabinets in kitchen...then sell it and find our lake house ---too bad T-bone, I won the lottery and we will live on a lake of MY choice. ;) AND we will figure out how to solar/wind power the sucka'

get a hybred car for me, sarah, t-bone gets one that can haul stuff - Stock them all with bags to use at the store ---NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS IN MY HOUSE

buy more timeshare weeks around the world. NO second home for me, I do not need the work while on vacation.

take friends on a nice vacation with kids and babysitters all around. We must be able to golf, swim, hike, drink and eat like kings - boats and jet skis of course!

get certified to present that Al Gore movie, that sounds like fun to do in spare time

finish my degree - can't make the kids do it if I don't!

Buy T-bone harley of dreams and build him his own garage for all his toys.

more later- that is enough of a money orgy for now.

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