I love my Ethics Professor - and she is a Lawyer!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I love this class a lot so far - only in week 4, but it is just a 10 week class. And my professor gives great feedback to us for applying what we are reading to personal ethics situations.
Here are her most recent comments and explain why I like her sooooo much, she 'gets' me.

I enjoyed reading this because it sounds like something I would do--agree with the boss to appease him/her but then go ahead and act in a direct and honest manner as I am accustomed to doing. We can't change our personalities to automatically become evasive and withholding, can we? I don't think I would want to.

I am like this, too: "11) I believe I am fairly easy to understand, I try not to have a hidden agenda. Symbolically that may mean that people trust me, or if they misunderstand/don’t believe, they may not trust me at all."

I suppose it does not hurt that I am getting an A so far, but I have a 4.0 going with five classes left and have not enjoyed comments from other professors nearly as much...

And how are your ethics feeling today?

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