Open Plea

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear ABC, NBC, CBS, even FOX - put some damn show on besides the ridiculous(Eli Stone, Heroes), Reality(Biggest Loser, Survivor), or crime(do we need another CSI?).
Could you move Gray's to Tuesday? Maybe Lipstick Jungle? I do NOT want to watch the damn Housewives of Atlanta, but there is nothing on your networks that holds any interest for me on Tuesday or Thursday nights....maybe split up the Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters? Shouldn't they both be on at nine after my Boo Boo is in bed?

Come on, help a sista' out. I just want an hour of escape each night - I do not believe that is unreasonable.... ;)

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Jenny Nymoen said...

Hear hear! (Or is it "here here"? I can never remember.)

I have been getting cable shows from Netflix, due to this exact same problem. Jon & Kate Plus 8 is my current favorite. I also like Little People, Big World. If you want to stay away from the reality shows altogether, there's always Army Wives.

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