Happy New Year...hopefully the bad juju is gone.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I give to you what I think is one of the coolest pictures I have taken of inatimate objects this year - well, the Orchestra is live, but...

I do this to bring peace and joy for 2009 and a swift kick in the ass to the pessimissim and bad juju that followed me in 2008...kiss my sweet white a@@ 2008 - I will be glad to be rid of you forever.

(while I realize it was an historic year and all...it was not the best year for me professionally...so suck it 2008.)


Chris H said...

I'm with you on the goodbye to 2008! too many highs and lows for me. Hope this new year is good to us both.

Ann(ie) said...

Yeah....true dat. Bring in the New Year. Time for a fresh start!!

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