Merry Christmas to all...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Every year there are the families that send you "The Christmas Card Letter". Or what is more commonly viewed as "The Brag Rag". Some are funny - Susie you know who you are - and some are just news about what happened in the last year.

I find it the most strange when you get one from people you see a lot - but then there are the Christmas Letters you get from people you NEVER see EVER.

Like I mean 2 times in the last 20 years I have seen these people - once on purpose and once by accident.

What is it about them that keeps me on their Christmas Letter list? Why do they bother? I mean every time I saw them it was - Oh we HAVE to get together, blah, blah, blah, blah. But, nothing ever happens. And the woman in this duo was one of my BEST friends in college - until, "the incidents".

First incident - she tells her dad she is marrying the guy and he cuts her off. So, now she has to move in with the guy...instead of me. (okay I understand this was not the end of the world, but I was excited to be roomates with her, okay?)

Second incident - I am over visiting them before I leave for my first radio job EVER. I used to get invited over for dinner all the time after they got married, but this was right after their daughter was born - so I just went over bearing gifts and to see this miracle baby. (she had a form of epilepsy and was NOT supposed to have a baby! She now has THREE kids) She corners me in the kitchen and starts GRILLING me about going back to college and getting a REAL JOB??? Like huh? You are not my mother - she is EXCITED for me, my aunt AND my grandmother were dj's in there day sister.


So, I moved away and when I would come home to visit - I wouldn't call because I didn't have a degree. She did, but she was a "stay at home mom" so fat lot of good it did her.

I write all this because there annual letter came today and it talked about how they have been married now for NINETEEN YEARS...Twenty in June, I know because I was one of the two attendants in their wedding. I read it and wondered - Why? Why do I still get this letter?

I mean - it is FUNNY as heck. It is written like a "newspaper" and the first story this year is:

Area Woman Finds Unfettered Joy in Pre-School Teaching Job
Jealous husband seethes, contemplates feeling joy in his own damn job

And then at the bottom I saw that the hubby of the duo left email addresses at the bottom of the letter. In the spirit of the DAMN season...I will email her on Monday. I pinkie swear.

I mean, she will want to know I am about to get my degree next year, right?

Merry Chistmas - this is my blog so no damn Happy "lame" Holidays from me kids!

Enjoy your time with family and friends & throw in peace on earth for good measure.

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Ann(ie) said...

I know. I get some of those too every year and they're fun to read aloud and laugh at. I like the totally sarcastic Christmas letters....those crack me up!!!! I might do one next year. ;)

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