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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So a lot of people are doing "Best Of..." and "Top Ten/Fifty/100" lists for 2008. I can not even hope to compete because:
I only saw, like, three movies in the theatre - Atonement (liked it), Mama Mia (GIVE YOURSELF OVER TO ABBA - it is SUPPOSED to be stupid and FUN!!! and Pierce Brosnan - me-OW!), and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - (Oh yeah baby, I am so hip!)
I only read text books and magazines, but I do recommend Wondertime to any parent.

I only saw ONE cool concert - Liz Phair (thanks go to Faux Martha for keeping me in the loop of cool moms). I do not think Nemo on Ice, Playhouse Disney Live and Disney on Ice count as cool or concerts...Nemo and Disney on Ice were AMAZINGLY fun though! AND we did go to The Swinging Nutcracker at Orchestra Hall with Jules, Riley and Jeff too... Boo Boo enjoyed feeding her Starburst to Jules and the dancers.

I really did not catch on to most Wii games, until I got my Wii Fit for Christmas - so it is not a "habit" yet...
...and I really did not go to many new restaurants, clubs, etc., either. I know LAME.

So what do I know?


Here are my TOP TEN BOO BOO LA LA moments of 2008!

10) Any trip to the Minnesota Zoo! ~ with friends, with grandpa & grandma, any day at the zoo is super-fun!

9) Pooping! The exploration of using the potty continues to exasperate Mommy, but the poops are funny to take pictures of...

8) Our trip to Breezy Point - ahhhhhhhh

7) Our end of year trip to Wisconsin - I love how well Boo Boo and Miss Kendall get along - and how they play nice with the other kids too.

6) Bathtime

5)Our nights when daddy and the other kids are not home...

4) Her fascination with the computer - it is growing exponentially and we are now playing GAMES!

3) Our trips to CVS pharmacy are a total blast - she knows all the people in there, because Mommy likes to stop and wander the drug that weird? She wants to immediately head back and get a drink from the water jug by the pharmacy counter and then wander the aisles with Mommy pointing out all the "Hanna 'tanna" stuff and where she sees Ariel too.

2) Boo Boo La La's "BEST FRIENDS" - she says EVERYONE is her best friend, but mostly Sair...sorry Snake.

1) CHRISTMAS!!!! If you know me you know I hate holidays where gifts are given to me...I do not really need much and it all feels so strange to me - (however I get really good gifts from some of my girlies who know me bestest!) Since Boo Boo came around though I love the whole thing from putting up lights to Christmas Morning. Thanks Boo Boo...Mommy loves you very much.

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Queen of the Mayhem said...

How cute is SHE! Here's to more stories about her in 2009!

Oh...and ABBA....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! :)

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