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Thursday, January 29, 2009

FYI, The superintendant, Stan Mack, outright lies. He insinuates that my dear step-son mooned the class when all that happend was he accidentally flashed when bending to pick up a pencil from the floor. The teacher, the asst. principal and the principal ALL agree it was an accident.

Anyone know if we can sue the superintendant for defamation?

Also, this was a first offense and the school policy calls for a WARNING and gives no other reasons to deviate from that policy. When you say "pants at the waist" and a kid accidentally flashes what is below that...then write that into your policy.


Ann(ie) said...

OMG. What a tool!

Whiskeymarie said...

I'm appalled that the school made such a big deal of this- they should be ashamed. These are teenagers, after all. Sheesh.

Whiskeymarie said...

Oh, and on a side note- you work at Galtier? I used to live in lowertown about two blocks away in the "Market house" building by the farmer's market. I miss being down there. At one point I heard that someone ws going to re-open the theater in Galtier & show indie films- did I miss that opening or has it not happened?

And FINALLY- we (my business partner and I) came very close to picking a spot in Galtier to open our restaurant in '01- it was a beautiful space, but we were worried about being on the 2nd floor rather than street level.

O.k, I'll go now.

themom said...

The school systems have gone "downhill" in recent years. The "zero tolerance" rules are so prohibitive - even to those needing daily medications. And heaven forbid, one in authority would check his mouth before opening.

MommyLisa said...

what I thought was funny was when people asked us what happend to Jake after - or how we punished him.

We did not. We did not agree he should be suspended after all.

He was fine, in fact the teacher that sent him to the office had NO IDEA he would get suspended and she felt BAD.

All is well. And hubby got on tv.

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