Balloon Watch - First Day of Spring

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Friday you were subjected to a BAD photo

When I ACTUALLY use a camera this is what I can get from the fifth floor walkway at Galtier -

a smiley face balloon hanging there, upside down...Does it look sad to you? It sort of bothers me that it just hangs there, but who would go get it?

And now for baking pictures - Boo Boo La La is loving to bake, and how can you resist a face like this??

Or this?

Happy Weekend my raspberry jelly rolls!


Mnmom said...

That is a darling child! My girls love to bake with me. I let them start helping as soon as they could stand on a chair.

themom said...

BBLL seems to be enjoying the baking immensely. Cool!

Ann(ie) said...

That child of yours could not be cuter!!!! What a proud lil baker!

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